Tashanda Ashford-Goss


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Direct Line: 334.450.8408


About Tashanda

Caring, Compassionate and Empathetic

I pride myself on being a caring and compassionate individual. My work in the medical field help me to realize that. I love taking care of people and also making people happy. I strive to do just that in my everyday life as a mother and a wife. Being able to be empathetic to others problems I feel is a gift that I have because it takes a lot to put yourself in another person’s shoes and not feel sorry for them but to actually feel what they are going through and make it my business to help the situation better. I can relate to mostly anyone and I care about everyone.
With all that being said my success in the real estate profession is based off caring for the clients and customers wants, needs and dreams. Being compassionate allows me to be thorough in finding exactly what it is that people ask for.
I know the value of a satisfied customer because that’s what satisfies me. If I go above and beyond for my clients and at the end I have a happy satisfied client, I have done my job!

Tashanda Ashford-Goss

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